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 DEER❤DOLL ~ an online boutique for the aesthetic dolls, fairies, angels, nymphettes, kawaii princesses, dark romantics & beautiful souls


 Deer Doll offers you a sweetly curated selection of cherry-picked aesthetic clothing and accessories - we feature a variety of Asian fashion private labels and indie brands that produce handmade garments in limited quantities. Here you will find a mix of aesthetics : kawaii fashion, sweet & classic lolita, dark lolita & gothic lolita, fairy dresses, cottagecore fashion, vintage-inspired dresses, nymphet fashion, larme-kei inspired pieces....


Deer Doll is a ♀️small business dedicated to providing great customer service and offering carefully curated pieces at affordable price points. Our fulfillment center and shipping team are located in the Fashion District of Guangzhou, one of the largest cities in the world. We are a team of hard-working, creative faeries who are doing what they love. We aim to provide a pleasant, stress-free and positive shopping experience.


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